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5 Healthy tips for using WhatsApp


WhatsApp Messenger is an invention of the devil. This smartphone application has its advantages: it's free, direct, fast, but its disadvantages enters the twisted mind of man. We tend to  misinterpret the message , do not know what intonation are messages in these chats , but we tend to think the worst. This if the best we reply to messages. And what about the " double check "? It has a crumb. The applications of  instant messaging is doing a lot of damage in relationships. Strip emoticons : D always smooth!

And although it is good to use smileys in WhatsApp conversations , you will agree that there is more ambiguous than the wink emoticon ;) . It may be good vibes or irony. Something as simple as that can be misinterpreted if you're in a bad mood. At the time the thing is twisted a little WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook chat, or wherever ... Already have an affair!

And it is that WhatsApp is a "minefield". You have to be careful in every step you take. If you do not want to hurt you, heal in health , and keeps you up tension, unnecessary anger, disgrutos and derivatives ... 

5 Things you should know to be happy using WhatsApp

Through this small illustration, I pick up the tips I'll explain below. So you can share it. : D

I pay attention especially to point 2 please, I implore! It will save many "dumb anger".

1. Misunderstanding the tone of a message . From how you write the message to how you read it , there is a stretch, and rather long. It is logical to read so subjective , but it is not logical that things almost always take out context.Something like "talk later", can unleash the wrath of which reads: Do we then, why? What have I done? Why not now, is everything OK? When the other person is probably quietly doing something else, and now simply can not answer.

☛ Tip : try to read things objectively, if you read the message anyone else. Surely it's not that serious.

2. Double check is no "master" .  "You have not answered me and have read me, I double check!" The most typical fight between "guasaperos". The two green ticks do not mean that you have read, how would I know that an application? Do not spy !! WhatsApp Messenger is concerned to do their job well and deliver the message . Let the double check  is simply a bravado that work well and that the message has been delivered:

Ticks are important because they indicate the status of sending and receiving a message. They mean:

 message delivered to the server.  message delivered to the device of your friend.

Important: This  does not mean that the message has been read , only that it has been received.

In just a group chat you will see a tick next to the message, meaning that was given to the server. [Source Whatsapp FAQ ]

☛ Council patience, and if you answer no mountains and a chicken for this.

3. The last connection, it does that get pissed . That is their only goal. It is closely linked to the previous point, if you leave the WhatsApp open in multitasking not mean you are online all the time . Do not get pissed with your partner, you can explain to me what you did Wakes @ at 4 in the morning? Let's see, how do you explain why the time of your last connection ... That's sick .

- "Online" it means that the person has WhatsApp open and that the application is connected to the Internet.However, it does not mean that the person has read the messages in your chats.

- "Last Upd. time online ... "refers to the last time someone was connected to WhatsApp.

☛ Tip : Settings> Chat Settings> Advanced> off "Deals Online" and lives in the pleasant ignorance, you'll be happier not knowing what time it was in line for the last time.

4. No more popular to have more groups . What happens to people with groups? Shirt epidemic! Now create chat group for anything. Classical: "facul friends", "colleagues", "family" ... Temporary how  "Gift complies X" . But we have reached the point of groups like: "Who then take a coke?" Born as temporary groups, but eventually extend over time, and mostly talk about some transcendental things ... come and mobile notifications : "piribiíín!"

Yes that group where you get pictures of Julio Iglesias and his "and you know," or " cups of coffee with milk ". And if there are people in these groups, generally always result in the same thing . Football This is inevitable friend ... :(

☛ Tip : Chat Group> info> silent> select the most appropriate to your level of patience .

5. Do not scream mobile, you can not hear . Write quickly, have the self-correcting on, or too big for such tiny fingers keys, can be three typical cases that make you lose patience and finish by yelling at mobile what to write .Typical case: write "Due Date", "* Saludas" corrector damn !! "*Cheers". Third time's the charm, blessed asterisk *!

☛ Tip: concealer off your phone and / or deep breath before writing a "guasap".

You could add a sixth, just more common among young partiers ... not use WhatsApp with some other glasses over!Alcohol and text messages were never good friends.

I leave this funny video of comedian Angel Martin brilliant illustrating the terrible madness that can provoke the WhatsApp,  and the patience to bear. (Yes, out Lara Alvarez in the video , is it worth it?)

All this reminds me of the web series life 2.0 , micro stories told in language 2.0, showing how we depend and misinterpret social networks. I recommend you!

Well finally, if you've got read, and you answer it is an achievement. Now comes what to do you really think your grandmother is sick?  They are usually excuses. A study reveals that  in WhatsApp people can detect when they lie up to 54% . So do not be that 46% ;) .

Do not forget to tell me what your healthy tips for using WhatsApp Or some curious anecdote ... If you ever felt identified, and you have fun with this post. Share!

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